22-10-22; Paris: Dance, space, silence, music.

I was happy to play live at a dance event at La Briqueterie CDCN, Paris.
Attentive and creative dancers. Poetic dialogues of music, sound and bodies. 
Beautiful and spacious place.


17-9-22; Playing tonight for dancers

This evening (20:00-23:00) I will play live music at a precious sphere, facilitated by Edo Ceder. A Contact Improvisation dance jam at Studio Naim (Salame 39). You’re welcome to come, dance and listen.

29-7-22; Composition-time at Experimental Film Virginia

Immersed deeply in an artist’s residency and a dance film festival Experimental Film Virginia. Celebrating 10 years and my third time here, as new. Soaked in nature, collaborating with talented and kind humans who happen to be film and dance…

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