23-12-2019; Tonight I'll play at Feedback Party event

I/m happy to take part in this arty event. It's a beautiful environment for performers. 

Feedback Party  
Biofeedback based improvisation jam  
Feedback PARTY is an excuse for performers to meet each other and celebrate human moments.  
This is a festive…

12-12-19; Taking part in Process/Talk in Suzanne Dellal with Alina Belyagina


שמח לקחת חלק באירוע "תהליך ושיחה 13/12: כוריאוגרפים משתתפים" בהנחיית ענת גריגוריו.
לוקח חלק בעריכת סאונד ונגינה על סינטים ביצירה של הכוריאוגרפית אלינה בליאגינה.

I'm happy to take part in Process|Talk; with choreographers, hosted by Anat Grigorio. Come to watch…

24-8-19; Hi, Shanghai.

Sunrise. I'm still amazed that this metal capsule gets people from one place to another. Teleportation doesn’t sound so weird.
Landed and organizing for the upcoming Opening dance performance show of Shanghai Improvisation Festival (first shows, out of six I'll…

20-8-2019; Ready for a new adventure, Shanghai, China!

I'm excited and thankful to take part in Shanghai Improvisation Festival. 10 days of dance performances with a variety of choreographers, dancers and musicians. Performances in theatres, museums, galleries and open doors. Let the adventure begin.
My participation is…