13-12-20; Performed at OPEN LOOK St.Petersburg International Dance Festival - from afar (due to closed borders)

I am grateful for any physical performance that is happening these days. During this weekend I took part in a dance performance (in an actual theater!) at OPEN LOOK St.Petersburg International Dance Festival; “Firebot”, by creative and awesome Alina Belyagina (AKA Ali Baba!), with vital and attentive dancer Polina Sonis, and guiding wisdom of Polina Fenko. Covid19 era brings challenges, as quirky and touching moments. I was “live” on a screen on stage. Physically in my Telavivian home, with a setup of lights and some gear. It’s touching and strange to sense loved performing dancers from afar. 

May the performative world expend into new possibilities, along with returning fully back into liberated physical spaces. With human touch, clear gaze, sweat and scents.

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