Music for Contact Improvisation (CI Jams & classes)

In the recent decade, I've been playing live music for improvised dance projects, professional dance workshops & Contact Improvisation (CI) festivals, jams & classes (Israel, USA, Germany, France, Poland, South Africa, etc.).

I am fascinated by the connection of music and dance.. By the supportive ground and lifting spirit my music may bring to dancing humans, to their dance-ful dialogue.

I am intrigued by the dialogue of music and dance. Two abstract forms of creation-art-communication - and their relations. Their mutual nourishment. 

My musical palette is comprised of piano solos, organic soundscapes, toys sounds, electronic soundscapes, rhythms & grooves. I stir the music that comes, improvised, with keyboards (Piano, synthesizers, melodica and other keyboard-toys), ukulele, kalimba, (& Mbira), metallophone & other musical toys (with my live sampling with a Looper and/or computer based programs).

I've been dancing myself for 10 years, and am therefore also aware of the powerful influence that a sound, a rhythm and/or a melody have on the way of motion and dance.

I'm happy and open for more collaborations and musical-dance dialogues, everywhere.

Note: These recordings are fragments of live improvised music for Contact Improvisation Dance Jams. Their musical perceptions, development and timing are focusing on supporting and enriching the continued improvised & dance-full dialogues.

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