Workshops & Lectures

In the recent years I've been facilitating and teaching workshops for professional dancers, choreographers, film artists and the wide public. My workshops are taking place in dance festivals, film festivals, dance academies and as a part of varied workshops (USA, China, South Africa, Poland, Israel).

  • Dance and movement workshops with co-facilitator choreographers and dance teachers. Relation to live music, rhythm and sounds (soundscapes), improvisation and choreography. 
  • ”Looping Emotions” my solo workshop about relation to sounds and music, emphasizing on a creative process - choreography or/and film. The relation of emotions and imagination to sounds, rhythm and music. Experimenting looping creation, loopers (hardware and apps) and acoustic-electronic experiments.
  • Lectures about the collaborative relationship between choreographers, dance artists and musicians. Relation between sound, music and dance. 
    Guest lecturer at School of Music and Dance, San Diego State University (SDSU).



Suzanne Dellal Center of Dance, Tel Aviv

SIF Festival - Shanghai, China

School of Music and Dance, San Diego State University (SDSU)

Poland, 2023

Experimental Film Virginia, USA