Dance Film & Video Art Soundtracks

I am tailoring music score/soundtracks to dance films (video dance, screendance) and video art. 

As a composer, I am fascinated by the connection and relation between visual-art and “transparent” form of art as music (and sound design). 
I am intrigued by the relation of sound/music/beat  and the human body movement. The way sound, or a character of music, affects the human motion and feelings. The precision, and yet abstract sense, music may rise and illuminate.  

Along it, I find deep interest in the precision (by frames/scenes changes in milliseconds) and rich artistic liberation that the art of films allows.

I am interested in keep diving into the creative universes of video artists, directors and choreographers - to tailor a soundtrack to a film, and to affect and nourish them with my own musical palette. 

I am welcoming collaborations.
Feel free to PM me.

Few of my compositions for dance films and video-art:

Sidewise | Kelly Bartnik
Official selection by Richmond Dance Festival 2022.
Created with support by Experimental Film Virginia.
Kelly Bartnik is a NY-based choreographer, performer, director, teacher and producer. She was an original cast member of NY productions of Sleep No More.

Heart | Sonia Li
Sonia Li is a Taiwanese American interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She works with dance, video, sound and sensory elements to create immersive experiences hinging on personal transformations.

Eat | Yu-Fen Huang
A dance film by Yu-Fen Huang (Taiwan). A part of Experimental Film Virginia festival and artists residency (USA, 2018).

Between Taiwan and Israel | Ravid Abarbanel & Cang Chien-Kuei
During 2020 pandemic. A creative collaboration, in an era of lockdowns. A human connection between Taiwan and Israel. I was happy to create a soundtrack for this bond. WIth a support of "Israel in Taipai".