Dance Film & Video Art Soundtracks

I tailor music scores/soundtracks to dance films (video dance, screendance) and video art. 

As a composer, I am fascinated by the connection and relation between visual-art and “transparent” form of art as music (and sound design). 
I am intrigued by the relation of sound/music/beat  and the human body movement. The way sound, or a character of music, affects the human motion and feelings. The precision, and yet abstract sense, music may rise and illuminate.  

Along it, I find deep interest in the precision (by frames/scenes changes in milliseconds) and rich artistic liberation that the art of films allows.

I am interested in keep diving into the creative universes of video artists, directors and choreographers - to tailor a soundtrack to a film, and to affect and nourish them with my own musical palette. 

I am welcoming collaborations.
Feel free to PM me.

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Sole |Irina Khokhlova

Official Selection - Dance on Camera Festival 2023 at Lincoln Center, NYC 
Created with support of Experimental Film Virginia (Films That Move)

Irina Khokhlova (Unface Films).

Mizuho Kappa, Silvia Sisto, Laurence Gonzalez, Jiang Feng and Jackson Kettell.

Movement consultent:
Katie Baer Schetlick

Director of Photography:
Sergio M. Lorenzana

Few of my compositions for dance films and video-art:

(Get your headphones, scroll and enjoy)

Sidewise | Kelly Bartnik
Official Selection - Richmond Dance Festival 2022.
Created with support of Experimental Film Virginia.
Kelly Bartnik is a NY-based choreographer, performer, director, teacher and producer. She was an original cast member of NY productions of Sleep No More.

Heart | Sonia Li
Sonia Li is a Taiwanese American interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She works with dance, video, sound and sensory elements to create immersive experiences hinging on personal transformations.

Eat | Yu-Fen Huang
A dance film by Yu-Fen Huang (Taiwan). A part of Experimental Film Virginia festival and artists residency (USA, 2018).