19-04-20; Diving into Covid-19 Era. New creative spheres. And letting go.

Looking into the eye of the unknown. Empty streets in the heart of the city. "Social Distancing" is a "thing". Physical creative spaces are muted. Spontaneous encounters are limited. Zoom sessions are flooding.

Realizing few weeks ago, I will stay home wayyy more than usual, I took out of my studio some gear, instruments and synths, and set up two fresh creative working spaces in my living-room. To change a place, to re-shift my mind.

Some new creative collaborations overseas have evolved. One-on-one live sessions with dance artists I appreciate, along with international groups sessions. All online. Often, a new tuned humane intimacy has evolved in them. New creative dialogues and mutual inspiration. 

I was suppose to be in Munich. A dance project I'm a part of got accepted to a residency and a festival. Time to keep co-creating with choreographer Alina Belyagina and dancers, physically, in the same space. As things are transforming, we will do sessions via Zoom. More to come!






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