25-6-18; I'm excited to take part in Experimental Film Virginia Festival and residency! (USA)

In few days, I'm flying to take part in Experimental Film Virginia, a festival and artists residency. I will create, play and record music for experimental films, dance and live performances. Curious to meet filmmakers, dancers, choreographers and other fellow musicians, in this beautiful and lively 2 weeks event.
I will keep updating about the process, and creative dialogues. 
אני שמח ונרגש לטוס עוד ימים ספורים לפסטיבל סרטים, מחול ופרפומנס בוירג'יניה, ארה"ב.
אצור מוזיקה לסרטים, מחול ופרפורמנס.
סקרן לפגוש יוצרות ויוצרים מרחבי העולם, וליצור דיאלוג קשוב ומפרה.
אמשיך לעדכן מהתהליך!

"What is Experimental Film Virginia

Launched in 2013-2014 by a National Endowment for the Arts Our Town grant, Experimental Film Virginia is a celebration and an exploration, an art-soaked film-making artist residency with weekend festival events. The only film festival/artist residency where the films are made insitu and then immediately screened. EFV is an innovative, entrepreneurial festival/residency model created by artists for artists and audiences to ignite relationships, support economic growth, education and build a narrative for cultural tourism around the arts in a small town setting. We see this as an essential part of the ecosystem of artistic exchange and sustainability. We build global connections in the arts for Coastal Virginia. Emerging collaborations with Virginia Beach's VIBE district and Norfolk's NEON district launch in 2019."


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