My music at BIRDLAND Natalia Iwaniec dance premiere at International Dance Week Budapest

Talented Natalia Iwaniec would be performing her premiere BIRDLAND at International Dance Week Budapest. July 20, 20:30 @ SÍN Culture Centre.
I want to be in Budapest tonight, and see Natalia Iwaniec's dancing to my music on 'Birdland'. ✨ Anyone has a teleportation device?! Merci.

Natalia's words:
"Stabilization and the lack of stabilization. My life top a certain degree became a nomadic life. It is hard for me to stay in one place so at the same time it is difficult for me to settle. I am constantly 
looking for something: for home, for love, for work, for friends, for dance, for freedom. Life is a journey and you get to decide how you will travel. Yo can travel alone or with others, you can travel to find answers, to find home or to escape home. I am in constant search for my promised land."

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International Dance Week Budapest

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